weirdo. my favorite colors are purple and red. basketball is my life. taekwondo, volleyball, soccer, track are other sports I’ve played. artistic. i don’t sleep, i rest. talented but lazy. i love japanese cherry blossom. no tattoos, but I plan to. sportcenter and netflix are the only reasons I turn on my tv, aside from the news. addicted to hoop shoes. kings fan since i was hoopin’ with shopping carts flipped right side up. mike bibby was my reason for being number ten. i love doing outrageous things. vertically challenged. heart of a lion. nice and feisty at the same damn time. spark it. i complain when things don’t go the way i’d like them to. thick thighs. only child. two best friends. i love animals. generous. rather hoop with guys than girls. i find myself reflecting on life constantly. my family keeps me on my toes. i drive a 2012 civic. in love with money. sleeps naked. i say, “oh my gosh” too much. optimistic. filipina. my last name is spanish. there’s always something going through my mind. popped out the womb on june twenty-third. eat like an obese human being. once you get to know me, you’ll respect me. goal orientated. big dreamer. officially started hoopin’ in the sixth grade. random thinker. love to laugh my heart out. shy and loud. fast food makes my stomach hurt. derrick rose is my role model. if you see me, i’m probably in some basketball attire. clean up nice. i only drink water, milk, oj, and powerade. i want to be a motorcycle chick and travel the world. i’m not in love. always walking around with a mean mug. i weigh 115 lbs. obsessed with my legs, hair, and teeth. i get irritated easily. always down to eat. i could listen to kendrick and wale all day. i’d like to meet someone who can capture my full attention. not easily impressed. so many opportunities, yet so indecisive. can’t wait to see what’s ahead of me.